‘Papa, I want to have a chocolate cornetto. It’s been days since I’ve had one. ‘ says Ananya to her father,over the phone.
Her father stops the car midway, buys her favourite chocolate cornetto and heads home.
‘Drive fast!’, he says to the driver.
Ananya loved her father. Her father loved her even more. Every utterance of hers was taken into serious consideration and fulfilled duly. Such was the love they shared.
Back home, her dad hands over the ice cream to her. 
‘Would you like to take a bite, papa?’, Ananya asks her dad the very moment she throws the wrapper, without even relishing the joy of the ice cream herself.


Ananya is an seventeen year old girl living in the city of Chennai, a twelfth graduate in Commerce. She is a girl everyone admires. Soft spoken,amiable, gentle and lovable
 The reason behind her indomitable spirit is her family. She doesn’t wish to stay away from her mother and get rid of the blabbers of her sister. Her day comprises of monotony when her sister is not at home. She roams around the entire house aimlessly when her mother is out for work. She desperately awaits her father to be back from office at night, everyday to have an interesting gossip on life.Before going to bed, she wishes ‘good night’ to her grandmother and then sleeps. Discussing the day with her sister is a daily routine for her before going to bed.
She is a girl with a high esteem wishing to make her parents proud. She aspires to earn not to enjoy a luxurious life in an enormous apartment, rather, she wishes to make her father proud. She dreams of a day when her father will say, ‘Darling, you make me proud, you’re the best daughter’. It’s time for her to decide what to do next with her career. Starch a point of time, she agrees to the proposal of studying abroad, made by her father. She starts preparing for all the required exams, sits for them, passes with flying colours. Elated she is. Her confidence is again boosted. Her mom is again proud to call her ‘her daughter’. Then comes the time for applying to universities. She does the same. 


It is her eighteenth birthday. Nothing appreciable happens. No surprise, no party, no dinner with family. Yet, the smile on her face is undeterred. 
What is the reason for her unhindered happiness?
What is the reason behind her head held high?
Why doesnt worldly things matter to her?
That night, she gets an email. A constant email checker, she is.

Life is unpredictable. You may have a reason to smile on the day you lose someone close to your heart. You may have a reason to mourn on the day of your graduation.

What was there in that email?
Did it contain a bundle of happiness which unknowingly made Ananya smile on her birthday?
Was it some foreboding of a bad omen in her life full of successes in the field of achievements?


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