Two in the night and Soha misses her bestfriend.
‘Things are different now, no means to contact her.’, she thinks.
Sometimes, a broken heart is an inevitable circumstance.
You just cannot get out of it.
You don’t know whether you feel the same or not, but the longing to be together, it’s disheartening. You recall those nights of nightstays with her and sob.
Your world seems to come crashing down right in front of your eyes and you can’t help that. You’re losing on the person who has made you what you are. Ever felt so?
You have everything in life, more than what you could have aspired for, but the void in you seems larger than any possession. You have nothing if you don’t have her. Ever experienced it?
You know that you care, but you can’t help being rude and displaying your life’s on the uphill without her, when it revolves around her.
Does it really?
The love of the past is a longing of the present.
We’re mistaken to possess the love of the past today.
Dear, you don’t love the same.
It’s mere longing, an intense drug of emotion you fail to comprehend.
Life is a disguise for all the circumstances we face in our journey, the people we meet in our journey.
With each person you meet, your perspective towards life enhances and feelings change. No, you’re not replacing people. You’re moving with the flow of time, and that’s completely natural.
It’s nature law to evolve and you’re just evolving.

So next time, when you feel you’re losing on someone you can’t live without, believe in yourself and say to yourself, ‘Chin up, lady. You’re losing because you’re growing. And now, since you’re growing, you’ll be gaining soon. Trust yourself. When you’ve come this far, you have a long long way to go. Smile, please?’

Yet every memory has it’s own pleasures. Every person, his/her own love. Even you, the love we shared was ours alone, unlike any other in this world. I wish I still had it.

Life Is After All Beautiful.


21 thoughts on “Broken.”

    1. Umm, yes. I would love to write on lost love and Romeo and Juliet. Balance I’ve already written. 😉 Thank you so much for your suggestions. I would really work on them. Hope to not disappoint you. 😀


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