Destiny #2

Ananya in Destiny is a simple yet smart girl who loves one and all. On her eighteenth birthday night, she gets an email.

As Ananya takes her mobile in her hand, it was full of notifications, of her birthday. Birthday wishes from all her acquaintances, relatives and friends flooded her facebook profile wall. 131 messages from 89 contacts on whatsapp. 7 text messages. 10 instagram notifications. And one email. 
It is common for her to get emails regularly after she gave the exams for different universities at different latitudes and longitudes of the world. She opens her Gmail account, clicks on the email. It’s easy to conjecture, hard to believe, but it was true.

 It was an email from the London School Of Economics, one of the universities she applied to for an undergrad course in economics. 
“It gives us immense pleasure to send this email to you. You have been admitted to the London School Of Economics into your preferred course of…”, said the email. “Damn, am I dreaming? Papa! See what is this!”, she utters.
Ananya had never really wished to study abroad, however her hardwork and dedication rose her expectations and she had started dreaming of the day when she would be admitted to the London School Of Economics. Perhaps, it was her eighteenth birthday gift from God.
She goes through the various whatsapp messages, and finds one of Manav’s, her so called boyfriend. I use the term ‘so-called’ here, because of the decaying relationship they shared now. 
Manav and Ananya were together since the last two years. In an ideal relationship they were, one which every teenager would aspire for. From going to morning walks together to talking over the phone before going to sleep, they knew every minute detail of each other’s life. It wasn’t a possessive relationship, the ones we find these days. It was all mutual and beautiful. It was more of sharing laughter moments rather than sharing intimate moments. The one that had a hope to last a lifetime. 

All wasn’t going healthy since the past few months. Manav had turned a little possessive and demanded of things and moments, Ananya was not comfortable with. You know how Ananya was, simple and amiable, not into late night parties and changing boyfriends every now and then stuffs. Their relationship wasn’t anymore fruitful. It gives her moments of sadness and cries, now. Fights at night would end up in a disaster where Ananya was left helpless and Manav was too full of ego to reciprocate. You know how ego is, don’t you? It’s ruins the relationship first, then the person. Hence, recently she turned a little resistant towards him and their relationship. She believed to distance herself from anything and everything that did not grow the positivity in her. She believed more in silent love rather than the lust to love. But practicing and preaching are two different words.
And another rude text awaits her reply in front of her eyes gleaming with happiness of being closer to her dream, “Happy BDay, Love. :)”, it said.
She replies, “Thanks a ton.”, reducing the intensity of the smile on her face. “What sort of life is this! Should I be happy or should I be sad?”, she thought.
“Bye Papa! See you soon.”, says Ananya to her Dad, hugging him, as she moved towards the check-in counter at the airport. Ananya and Manav were over. Her admission into the university gave her another life lesson. Move on!, it said. 
There are events in life that show us a way into the future. Ones that ask us to bid a bye to all those who’ve given you negative vibes and tried to erase the optimism from your soul. Ananya might have been in an ideal relationship at one point in her life, but her present demands her to move on, to move on from Manav and his love. To move on from her past, into a brighter future. Neither I nor she can tell what lay ahead of her, a life full of successes or a big failure in life at her dream University. Nevertheless, the matter of importance is, she learnt a lesson in life, that no matter what, everything in life is timed. Her relationship with Manav was beautiful, and she cannot deny that. Moments spent with him taught her love and life. She is glad to cherish all those. Admission to the university taught her to see what lay ahead of her, to live, to yearn, to learn, to believe in herself that ‘Yes, I can do it’. The future that awaits her in London will teach her innumerable more life lessons. 
Although she can’t get back the smile that made her face glow when she was with Manav, her smile out there would have another story to tell.

If our eyes can tell us the story of our hearts, our smiles can tell the story of our lives. 


5 thoughts on “Destiny #2”

  1. Woww. your last paragraph is something that I have realized too -not by reading or hearing from someone -but totally from within my core I believe it. The same thing is true for the sad parts of life. Nothing is permanent. Just a phase. It will go away, too -like seasons of a year. Enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    Hi. Most of my old site data got lost when I was transferring it to the new address. So reconnecting with you guys from a new blog. Follow me on this address –

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    1. Thank you, Nitin. I think moving on will be easier for all of us if we accept the fact that everything in life has a definite role to play. After it has featured in our lives for the time being, we have to let it lose. Be it people or circumstances. And, following your new blog. 😉


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