Growing is not a part of life, life is a part of growing.

Since birth, we’re taught that we are the best, that we have the best set of people in our lives. And that if we try, we can do anything.                                  
But how do you feel when you face the world?                                              
What happens to the pride in you?
What happens to the fact that you’re the best?                                                    
Don’t you start avoiding every incident that makes you feel inferior?            
Don’t you prefer to do things you’re best at?                                              
“If you’re the best among the people who surround you, you’re with the wrong set of people.”– I remember having read this a few years earlier, but maybe I wasn’t mature enough to understand the meaning,then.

My Dear,                                        
You can’t be the best at everything. If you’re your school topper and a swimming champion, you might be very very bad at elocution skills. If you’re a national level chess player, you might be a ninth failure. If you’re a mathematics freak and maniac, you might be not as good in speaking English.

Now, for instance, let us suppose, you’re a sixteen year old nerd, a high school topper, and a swimming champion. You’re very bad at socialising. You stay in the city of Chennai with your family and you are proud, very proud indeed, to have the best set of friends. You’re locked in a room with an eighteen year old international level chess player, but a ninth failure. The two of you are in there for two long days. The only rescue is a talk with the stranger. Two days later, how do you think will you come out of the room?

  1. Elated and full of pride to know you’re better than him because that guy is a ninth failure?
  2. Inferior and undermined to know a guy who plays chess at an international level?
  3. Glad to have met an international personality and having talked to him for two days, enlightened by all his stories of having traveled all around the globe?
  4. Jealous of him having international recognition and to have traveled around the world and made friends all over the world, whereas you’re stuck with the same people and family in your life?

I can’t really say what your attitude would be like when you’re in such a situation, but if its anything apart from point 3, you’ve got to learn a very important lesson in life.            
We’re all given the best of things since childhood. We’re all proud to have our fathers and mothers as ours. We’re all proud to have excelled in some field or the other. But here’s the game of life. When you’re a teenager, and you’re entering the real world, meeting the real set of unknown people( not like the new unknown partner we sat beside on the first day of the beginning of our new session at school), facing the real set of problems , trying to solve the real set of problems , you have to learn a very important lesson in life.                       You’re on a journey uphill. You’ll come across circumstances you had never thought of. You’ll come across people you thought couldn’t exist. You’ll feel inferior, you’ll feel broken. You’ll feel good-for-nothing. You’ll feel as if the person in front of you has had an amazing life, an ideal life and that you’re dumb and have never done anything in life. You’ll feel that you are an underachiever. This is what you call a downhill. You’ll tell your mom, “Mummy, I don’t know anything. I’ve ruined my life all those years”.                                  
But, let me tell you a secret, an optimistic approach to handle all such circumstances. Every hurdle you come across should encourage you to take a leap forward. Every fear coming your way should show you the day you will succeed. Every achiever you come across should enlighten you with his achievements. Every underachiever you come across should teach you how to try harder every time you fail.                
You’re not perfect. You don’t have to be. 
Even the moon has a dark side.      
Even the upcoming technologies have a negative effect.                                  
Even the champion in front of you doesn’t excel in something you’re a winner at.
It’s very hard to learn from something that let’s your morale down, that tells you “You’re inferior”. It’s even more important to try harder rather than running away from such a situation.    
That’s how you grow and make a life.                                                                                            
It’s very easy to feel proud at your success, even more difficult is to accept failure and seeing someone snatch away your position. Get inspired, not shattered.


33 thoughts on “Achiever?”

      1. Definitely will check out more posts of yours, i normally do visits to friends site every Sundays. I dont know how i ended up here but, found a new friend and one amazing writer. Cheers to new friendship! Following you. – Cezane

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  1. That’s really lovely work Shreya. You expresed this simple theme in such a wonderful way. I’ve read a similar quote by Einstein which says that if fish is compared with a monkey on the basis of how high they can climb, then fish will always be a failure. We all are unique. We all are special. You rocked in this work Shreya…

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