The Moment.

The intensity drew them closer,
The love kept them still,
As their heartbeats synced into a rhythm.
The zeal to be held kept their hands firm,
The love kept them intimate,
As the tick-tocks of the wall clock seemed to cease.
Soha‘s mind flashed through the innumerable memories of such ingrained moments of her past as she saw the couple romancing in front of her. She could feel the thumping sound of his heartbeat, the moment they embraced, she recalled. She could feel his chin humbly kept on her shoulder as they shared the instant,she reminisced. She was drawn into an atmosphere that smelled of rosewood.
“He loved the aroma of rosewood in his perfumes and mists”, she thought.
The moment that was not even hers had affected her so intensely. That’s how we humans are, disconnected, yet connected.
How many times do we recall moments from our past and feel giddy about it?
A moment, an instant, a connection, a smell, a view, each is enough to bring back a thousand feelings of the past, of the people, of the time that was. And then what follows is a series of flashbacks, watery eyes, and then, the ultimate cleaner, the tears.
We cry to get back the past in our present.
We sob to become the same persons as we were.
Humans get carried away with emotions, more than that with moments of the past.
And sometimes, you find the lost feelings in some estranged people who rejuvenate the emotions of the past. It’s good, sometimes, to be in a place that does not exist in your present.

Life is After All Beautiful.


8 thoughts on “The Moment.”

  1. I can completely relate with Soha. No matter how much we convince ourselves that we are over something that affected us in the past, a tiny hint takes us back to where we left the last time. The expressions of selfless love and passion does wonders to the mind of the reader. Beautifully written, Shreya, as always 🙂

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