I’m blue, when the winds blow briskly through my hair.
I’m green, when the soft grasses tickle my feet as I step on them, slowly.
I’m violet, when the smell of lavender in the fields reaches my breath through the nostrils. 
I’m pink, when I get a gentle kiss on my cheek.
I’m red, when I am fearful of what lies ahead of me.
I’m yellow, when I feel positivity brimming my mind and heart, making me strong.
I’m saffron, when I achieve a long term goal of my life.
I’m white when I find my life preaching peace and security.
I’m grey, when I’m in a dilemma whether to hold on or to let go.
I’m black, when I’ve lost all faith and hope and am ready to surrender.
I’m a rainbow, full of colours, with my own shades.
I’m a rainbow, of color intensities changing daily.
I’m me, the unique combination of colours.
You’re you, the unique match to all my shades.


13 thoughts on “Colours.”

  1. If you find yourself useless as a white crayon, all you got to do is to find someone who prefers painting on black paper. You’re you, the unique match to all my shades, you compliment my half and enhance my beauty.
    Very nicely written 🙂

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