Too Many Judges!

“Oh, where did she take you for dinner? Possibly some street food corner, is it?”, asked Soha’s aunt to Soha, referring to Rhea’s (Soha’s bestfriend) mom.

“We went to Taj Bengal for dinner”, Soha replied with a forceful smile on her face, and then walked away.

Soha and Rhea were bestfriends since childhood, they shared a bond rarely to be found on the Blue Planet. They were such friends that defining their friendship would belittle the bond. Can you define the pleasure you get out of letting the tiny raindrops fall on your palm? Perhaps, the pleasure you get out of sleeping under the starry dark sky at night? And I think, it’s better to let it remain undefined, because for certainty to transform into uncertainty, it costs less than a second.

It was on Soha’s birthday that Rhea’s mom had invited everyone for dinner. Family friends, they were. Back home from the dinner get-together, this is what Soha’s aunt asked her. Trust me, I pity people who can’t think beyond money.


This was just a little incident in someone’s life. My dear, hold on for a second and look at the society you live in. You’ll find more than a hundred surrounding you.

These are the people you meet everyday, or maybe stay with (pardon your parents and siblings). These people are here to judge you, to judge you again, and to keep on judging you to make you feel condemned. These are the people who judge your father who’s spending more than a crore to give you an international experience for your undergrad, who judge your mother for loving you more than required, who judge your sister to be so lucky so as to have a sister like you, who judge your brother for having excelled in his field of interest. And, ultimately, examining, cross-examining and finally judging your bestfriend, her family and of course, her financial background. I wish I could spit on these people, but thanks to my parents, this is not they’ve taught me in the last seventeen years and this is not what they expect of me. Oh, wait. These people are so jobless that they don’t stop at just your bestfriend. Now, on the basis of what they’ve learnt after judging you father, mother, sister, brother and bestfriend, they will henceforth judge you. Funny, does it seem?

Sometimes,the truth isn’t bitter, its funny, or maybe both?

How do you even think, do these not-to-be-named people in the society even affect you? At every step you take in this world, people are going to judge you. Every damn soul judges, even you do, don’t you? Β Perhaps, not in the demeaning way. We conclude way too easily.

“Oh my god, she’s permanently coloured her hair golden. She thinks she looks too fashionable, huh.”

“She needs a car to step out of her building always, what a spoilt brat she is! Doesn’t even move without a car. She thinks people who travel in public buses are fools? Poor she, doesn’t know the real picture of the world.”

“They aren’t letting their daughter move out of the city due to security reasons? They think they’ll hire two bodyguards for her in the city. Lol.”

Who are others to judge you? What if her hair is all golden now, she likes it that way. Period. If she can afford a car and a driver, why wont she own and travel in one? Period. If her parents aren’t allowing her to move out of the city for further studies, there must have been some pressure on them definitely. Afterall, who don’t want their offsprings to prosper?

Let the world judge you, they are wasting their time. If you think, you’re surrounded by too many judges, make yourself the head of all. Introspect and decide what to do. Because they won’t work hard to earn you a degree, they wont hire you for a job you deserve, they wont get you married, they wont earn your bread. Nor, will they lament on your death.Β 

More than focusing on what’s important, focus on who’s important.






27 thoughts on “Too Many Judges!”

  1. It’s the best way to reply the society. I completely agree with you. Without any basic qualifications, people just grab the chair to become a judge as if some Musical Chair is going on. Idiotically sick people. Always ready and desiring to ruin anyone’s life.

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