One and all, welcome to the real world you enter only after you’re eighteen. Only after you’re eighteen are you allowed to see the real face of the people, their true being, their veracious selfishness and greed. When you’re all so very excited to enter the real world, do you get the shock of your life. You enter this place holding your mom’s hand and then all at once, you find yourself lost amidst strange people, people with whom you’re not only unacquainted with, but also ones, who in no way match your type, where the theory of the existence of antimatter to every matter doesn’t exist, where you’re the one and only one with no transpose in existence. Welcome to the casino of the world.

A place where the worldly and experienced people are like slot machines trying to disappoint you with every effort you give, every investment you make, and every hope you see. A place where you’re an amateur and you keep trying hard, very hard to make your luck work, but, there you go, you’re just a novice. Nevertheless, miracles happen with those who are confident and determined, and there you go. Your wit, patience and hard work definitietly pay off even in this cruel world.  Because, if you call all mortals self-centred, you’re giving up hope. And for all the people who give up hope, you’re dead before your grave is even dug. 

Coming to the game of roulette, every juncture in life will show you innumerable possibilities, like the numbers one to thirty six on the roulette board. Every path will be equally alluring. Every path will have its pros and cons. When you see a gambler placing a ten thousand rupee bet on the number zero, you’re amazed. You’re amazed at the confidence of the man and you are even more captivated to choose that path, the path in life. There comes another professional gambler, placing his bet on all even numbers on the board, equally confident and adept in the game. And, there you stand confused. Whether to choose the number zero, to go for all evens, or to use your own judgement. It’s very easy to say, “Obviously go for your own judgement”, in an ideal world. But, in the pragmatic world we live in, we’re all afraid to fail when we’re just beginners in a world of professionals. And when fear seeps in, we try our level best to go with the majority. You then place a bet on the number zero. But as fate would have it, you lose. You lose, the very first bet. You’re disheartened. You fail, you learn. Or maybe, you fail a few more times,and then you learn. But you do learn to survive. You do learn to place a bet on the correct number, or the correct set of numbers. Because mortals cannot defy order. And order exists in every corner of the world. When you’re a beginner, do not be afraid to fail, because only failure will teach you the way to success.

The world we were born in and the world we live in are two different worlds. Every dilemma we face is like facing a situation to choose between two routes having equal probabilities to prove fruitful. The world we live in, is like a casino of a seven star hotel, full of drunkards who have failed and lost hope, full of professional gamblers who have lost, learnt and are winning, full of amatuers who are struggling to not lose what they have. The reality is, the professional was once an amatuer, the drunkard will wake up one day from his sleep,definitely.

So when you are fearing your tomorrow, hold on. Take a deep breath and have faith. Be determined and you’ll get what you deserve one day, definitely. All of us do.

Life Is After All Beautiful.


12 thoughts on “Welcome.”

  1. Have I said this enough that I love the simplicity with which you word all the complexities of life? I love this post, Shreya! “Don’t be afraid to fail”. I will definitely take this line with me today 🙂

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