The Last.

She enters a room full of memories that makes her heart beat faster, her lungs longing to find some air to breathe in an empty, yet full room. It’s a wonder how a room can fill your heart and mind with memories so intense that you’re unable to reason your giddiness to the person sitting in front of you.

They knew, it was the last time they were meeting in a few years hence. They knew, it was the last time they were spending time so intimately. They knew, it was the last time they were laughing at the same lame jokes. They knew, it was the last time they were clicking pictures like lunatics. They knew, it was the last time they were recalling the bygone memories and laughing at it together.

They knew it was the last time they had each other so close. They knew it was their last. They knew it. 

How are you not supposed to wish the moment lasts for a lifetime?

An hour seems to squeeze into ten minutes, when you don’t have the clock in front of you. A day into a few hours. 

She found the dictionary of no use to help her describe the feel. The moment they embraced, for the last time maybe. The stomachs moving in and out with perfect rhythmic synchronisation. The breaths getting longer with every tick of the clock. The beats getting faster with the time available together lessening. And the hold getting taut with the love increasing every moment. Because they knew, it was their last. How could they let others snatch away the moment from them?

All worldly luxuries and pleasures stand on one side. On the contrary, stands this moment. 

She wished ‘Forever’ to drain away in this moment. Is that possible?

She wished the ‘Love’ to seize the moment. 

It’s not lust or addiction. Sometimes, when you fear losing someone, you do this. You do this, not out of greed, you do it, because you’ll never be able to do it again. You do it, in case your lifetime fails to give you enough time to express what you have, stored in your heart.

And when the moment approaches it’s end, you let the hold loose, but not let go of it. It’s so difficult to let go of someone you’ve had all your life. When one moment will change your lives and seeing each other would be a luxury, you can’t let it go. 

Where intimacy is just a word, love just a feeling, a hug is an expression of the ultimate.

When you fear your tomorrow to be not as beautiful as your today, you fear to let it go. You count, “1,2..”and then your throat seems choked with the word three. And again, when you count “1,2..” and manage to say a three, you forget, why in the first place you started counting because the tight hold on your waist swoons over your mind way too much. 

When your soul is filled with even more love after all this time, a gentle kiss helps you let out a little more of it.

‘Even though I left the hold because the world isn’t always in favour of what we want, I’ll prefer to not leave the embrace here.’

“Etched with love”, she thought.

Life Is After All Beautiful.


20 thoughts on “The Last.”

    1. ‘We write to taste life twice’ – Just read this somewhere. Maybe that’s the purpose of all writings in existence. To help us relive some moments. And about the inspiration part, we all find little moments in our lives waiting to be penned. 😀

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