The Day At The Theatre.

Splash!“, the theatre gulped down saliva as the bloody corpse was dropped from a height of 700m. The existing eerie atmosphere was made even more ominous by this scene.
As the entire theatre had it’s eyes glued to the movie, a child of five started crying with fear. At this instant, as Soha shook with fear, she moved her right hand close to Keshav’s.

Without moving his gaze from the theatre screen, he held her hand. Not the way couples hold on roads. Not like people locking hands when in a relationship. But in a way, that was perhaps, heavenly. Perfectly, perfect. He held it with emotions not of love, lust and craving, but with ones of care, affection and fear of loss.

As his right hand fingers touched her palm gently, she could feel the butterflies in her stomach. As he grasped her thumb with her left hand and moved it playfully, she felt an ounce of love seeping into her life. It was perhaps, the expression of an emotion, not belonging to this world. Maybe, even if you ask Soha to talk about it, she’ll fail. Some emotion, that said, “Please, don’t go“.

Minutes later, the hands moved closer, grasping each other, tighter. Soha’s heart skipped a beat. She knew, that when she’s with Keshav, nothing could go wrong, that when he held her hand, she had nothing to be afraid of.
The duo remained unaffected by the horror and it’s repercussions going on in the theatre.
Along with the horror in the theatre and intimacy with Soha, the cold in the theatre didn’t pardon Keshav. He required warmth, for his mind, for his soul to be at ease.
When there’s nothing to offer you heat in your surroundings, love serves it’s purpose. Love, serves all purposes.
Soha’s shoulder was the best resting arm for him and Soha’s hand the best cushion to hold.
Amidst the horror of the movie, the duo created a protected world of their own.
As Soha leaned towards him to kiss him in the forehead, reality struck hard and she detained herself.
As her shoulder ached with Keshav’s head on it, she leaned more towards him to help him feel more comfortable. This was all that she could do to love him.
Truly said, love spreads warmth.
If not for love, why would Keshav choose Soha in his life?
But life had other plans for them.
Perhaps, that was just a way to show that he needed her and would be with her always, if given a chance.
Perhaps, it was only the warmth he required.
If not for love, why would Soha let out her hand towards Keshav?
Perhaps, it was a way to show she’ll always be there for him whenever he needs someone.
Perhaps, she only needed someone to pull her out from the drastic horror that was getting into her.
Perhaps, life doesn’t close it’s doors for people who try.
Perhaps, life gives no second chances.

Life Is After All Beautiful.


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