“With swollen eyes and heavy hearts, they had their gazes fixed on each other. Newton’s law of attraction became even more effective, instant by instant. Perhaps the mortals found the gravity stronger than any other moment in history. Unable to leave each other behind to walk on different paths, taking a step backward became a herculean task. For love remains undefined for those who feel it. But why will destiny favour a love that is feared to be temporary?”

Which is more difficult?Β 
To leave someone behind or to be left behind?

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34 thoughts on “Temporary?”

  1. I think it’s worse to leave someone behind because to live with the regret of breaking someone’s heart can practically kill you mentally while if you’re left behind, you can make yourself move over it blaming destiny.
    The pain others cause to you is not in your hands, but that doesn’t mean we deliberately cause pain to others..

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      1. We tend to blame the person and want them back due to lack of acceptance, is what I feel. Hope is rarely good, only when it gets fulfilled. And, the sooner we accept, the sooner can we move on. Isn’t it?
        So, I feel blaming it on destiny for the sake of having someone guilty is the best solution that helps us to move on.

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      2. Destiny. You believe in some predefined destiny ? No offence meant, but I don’t. We write our own lives, design them. Hope is good when you have trust in yourself and the other person. As far as acceptance is concerned, it comes much later on. Like maybe, months later. Your bestfriend abandons you. You don’t accept the fact just like that. You feel left out, you try. Acceptance comes after its a complete no no for the relationship to persist.
        Maybe. There’s no solution to it. Perhaps, it the part and parcel of life. Someone leaves me today, I’ll leave another tomorrow. It’s all a cycle maybe.

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      3. Yes I do believe in destiny.. Also, I agree we write and design our own lives but I believe that we behave in a certain way, or take a certain decision because it’s destined to be. Like, we decide to take the right turn, maybe if we took a left turn our lives would’ve been different. But our lives were destined to be like they are, so we were forced to turn right.
        It is the part and parcel of life, indeed. But, shall we not try to keep people? And yes, when all hope of the relationship to persist dies, then accept it and move on?

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      4. Yes. True. Trying helps, many a times. And sometimes, times heals relationships. Maybe because, we tend to take the people in our lives so very granted. I mean, not that we should keep expressing how we feel all the time. But, time to time, that’s required for the trust to persist. If we are unable to untangle the mess in the relationship, isn’t it better to leave it on time? And then, some questions can be answered only by time. To leave or to he left behind? Maybe it’s different for every two individuals. And what’s best for us can’t be ascertained before the right time.

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      5. Some things are meant to happen. Just as we control our own lives situations pop up that are out of our control. What determines the outcome is how we respond to them. We should look at our losses not as losses, but opertunities to grow. Because if that person was meant to stay in your life they have stayed.

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  2. When you leave someone behind it causes you to feel hollow. They became a part of you. If leaving is the choice you make it’s because you are growing at different paces, or in different directions. At the end of it you can feel satisfied with yourself for doing what you believe is best. However, when you are left behind you are on the opposite side of that sword. It is difficult to find peace when someone doesn’t feel as if you fit in their life the way you once did. Two different kinds of pains, non of which I’d wish on anyone. Both are opportunities for growth and forgiveness

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  3. For me it would be easier to leave someone behind because you always leave someone for a purpose. If someone if forfeiting my happiness or preventing self growth, maybe it is time to move on. In the end you can’t dwell the people you have lost. Focus on what you have gained. Abbundance over lack.

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