Her World.

A world of imagination awaited her,

Where family wasn’t the one she shared her house with, but the one she shared her heart with,

Where every memory was inscribed on a stone that the wind didn’t weather away,

Where hearts didn’t reside in people, but, people resided in their hearts,

Where relationships weren’t driven by goals and contracts, but by desires,

Where people didn’t make love on their beds but through care and sacrifice,

Where happiness wasn’t a repercussion, but a prerequisite for every instance,

A place where she didn’t have to grow and mature with age.

A world of inspiration awaited her,

Where tears were fast flowing rivulets that washed away all the pain without any leftovers,

Where the sunrise symbolised a new beginning to life rather than a beginning to a day,

Where the height of the skies wasn’t a destination , but a protection from the alien world,

Where the colour red symbolised love rather than murder,

Where friends in life were as sedentary and constant as a tree was,

Where the vastness of green fields were nowhere in comparison to the vastness of the hearts of the people,

A place where gloom was an illusion.

A world of imagination and inspiration awaited her,

In her dreams.


21 thoughts on “Her World.”

  1. shreya, its mesmerizing….i too wanna live in such b’ful world. Your pieces of writings are well engraved in the hearts of a follower like me ❀ Love your writings ❀ ^_^

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  2. Good morning ….what i would like to say is

    Always have friends. And have many of them no matter how many stay with you, leave you or hurt you. When each of them leaves or hurts you they teach you to be a wonderful friend. And the ones who stay with you have a best friend in you.

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