Spreading Happiness.

Happy faces spread happiness.

Soha stood there in a queue, with a folder in her hands, behind a tall handsome guy, looking worried, nervous and anxious. Behind her, stood a girl who looked like one in her early twenties. One by one, the visa officer said “Next”, and the queue advanced. With every “Next” reaching her ears, Soha’s heartbeat grew faster. 

It was a queue for the US visa interview. Soha recalled her counsellor saying to her, ‘ This year, I personally have witnessed four rejection in visas for undergraduation in the USA. Be quick and careful in your response to the visa officer’. Soha was applying for the US visa as she received an admission letter from a University ranking 49th in the world for the engineering course she opted for. What could be better than this?

Soha shuts her eye, takes a deep breath and goes forward as she hears the call. 

After a series of questions and answers for five minutes,

The visa officer(an American) : Congratulations,Ma’am. We grant you the visa. Enjoy your stay in the USA.

Soha(spontaneously) : Thank you so much, sir.

Soha couldn’t feel her feet.Elated, excited and full of agility at eight in the morning, Soha’s smile was the most infectious one in the world, at that moment. As she turned towards the exit gate, smiling like a two year old who gets to see her mother after two days, the girl who stood behind her, smiled even harder, and said, “Congratulations“.

So what’s the big deal in being congratulated?

Let’s give the girl being talked about some random name, say, Ananya. Now, Soha and Ananya were complete strangers to each other. They shared a common purpose, the purpose to get the US visa to further their studies in the US, probably, even in different timezones of the country.

Why will Ananya feel happy when Soha gets what she wanted?

Why will Soha be so happy looking at Ananya smiling and congratulating her?

A mix of fiction and reality.

I never knew strangers could connect too. I still remember the smile. It was as if the embassy had granted her the visa and took her a step closer to her dreams. I don’t know who she is, she doesn’t know who I am. In that moment, I felt some connection.

Maybe, when people are in the same boat, aiming for the same destination, they connect. They connect, in the most beautiful way, unattainable by others. 

Genuine happiness for a soul apart from yours can only be felt by your well wisher, or a stranger who is going through the same as you. It’s scarce to find people like these, today, where the world is a shelter for jealousy and greed in the hearts of the people.


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