Love Or Trust?

Google describes ‘Love’ as a strong feeling of affection. You love so many people in your life, your mother, father, sister, brother, friends. Apart from the constant people in your life, your family, let’s talk about people who form a significant part of the different phases of your life, about friendships and relationships where the so called strong affection persists. How easy is it to love the same person through all the phases of life?

When you grow, you change. 

When you change, you develop your own perspective.

When you develop your own perspective, you want the world to change according to you and your outlook.

What happens when the person you love does not change according to the evolved you? The love starts lessening, you start feeling ‘Oh, she isn’t my type’. That’s when the person you love does not help you grow anymore. The love diminishes, and is gone in a few years time. What remains is a treasure of memories that will last a lifetime.

There’s nothing wrong with growing into love and out of love in the growing years of your life. Change is inevitable and so is the changing perspective. It’s good to love different people in different phases of your life, to learn and perceive. It’s perhaps a way to learn to love your partner when you’re mature enough. 

‘Trust’ is described as the firm belief in the reliability, trust or ability of someone or something. How many people do you really trust in your life? Not many. You trust your parents and no one else, she trusts her bestfriend and her sister and no one else, he might trust his mom and no one else. 

What can be the reason you stop trusting someone in your life?

And incident, a mishap or a betrayal.

Time is never the culprit of losing trust.

Why do you think we love so many people but trust so few? Why isn’t trust a prerequisite to love?

Why is it easier to forgive the betrayal of love than to forgive the betrayal of trust? 

Which would make you happier, ‘I love you’ or ‘ I trust you’?

Why do you think love at first sight exists but not trust at first sight?

Why does love depend upon ‘sight’ , but trust doesn’t?

Why do you think the marriage of two friends turning into lovers lasts a lifetime but marriage of two lovers might end up in a divorce?

Why do you think childhood friendship cannot be broken, but any other is vulnerable?

The existence of trust is the reason to all uncertainty.

Trust is a belief in oneself, love is a form of affection.

Isn’t belief stronger that mere affection?

I’m not asking you to trust everyone you love. But, sometimes, don’t you find it difficult to trust the one you share an intimate bond of love with?


19 thoughts on “Love Or Trust?”

  1. I will say affection can be a result of lust. Just try to think about its origin, why did we devised love. Its probably because it should help us. Human tendencies are always same, we cant trust ourselves but we need that. So probably love should be trust, someone trust that you can…that’s all we need. Its all about growth…:)

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  2. For trusting a person whom you dont know you need to have a dialogue with or the body language of that person.

    Its different in case of love its based on the external appearance of the person.

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  3. If a love is based out of attraction, comfort or on the basis of qualities of a person it will not sustain for long.

    To understand in better way , if boy attracts to words girls and get infatuated and fall in love this natural phenomenon, but in a world where every thing is changing . The factor basis of attraction will also change.

    Similarly if we are friends and share common intrest , we find love for each other,. Will also change. Because priroties in human life keep on changing.

    The only in this world can sustain , which has emerged out of knowledge and wisdom.
    Love for the God is sustainable. If you are able to find out God within you then you can see God with in others too. This is only reason which is stable and steady and never change.

    Loving self, and others for their true identifications then you can love the entire human race and creation that very much include your close relatives, family ,friends , community and country.

    If you Love some body for his or her qualites then in ever changing world qualities of person also keep on changing then how your love will be stable.

    For example if we love somebody since he or she is beautiful then their body is not going to be as beautiful as now, time will fade away it’s beauty.

    Similarly if we take second example of any sports person, he or she is not going to play through out their life their performance will decline with the time then how could our love remain the same.

    Only eternal love is possible in the light of knowledge.

    Hence topic was intresting I commented my views have no intention to influence or hurt the sentiments of others.

    Please ignore or delete if you find inappropriate.


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  4. This is so true. And exactly what I wanted to express. The fact that trust is independent of time is so important. Love is not. Loved this piece, Shreya.

    And good to read your work after such a long time. Though I’m the culprit, not active on WP these days.

    Good that you shares this work with me. Thanks. And good work. 🙂

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