Giving up?

You don’t need strength when you have an inspiration.

Most of us struggle in at least one field of life. Business, start-ups, family issues, studies, a few to name. And, how often do we quit?

The other day, I heard a relative speak to my friend, “Dear, in the greater world out there, where you’ll be all alone and will have no family with you, if you ever face any difficulty, be it any petty issue or a serious one, make sure you come back home. Make sure, you face no hurdles. If you ever do, please come back.”

Is this love, care and affection? 

This conversation definitely gave her strength and support. Nevertheless is strength enough to sustain a life long struggle in an alien continent? Do a few words of care, promise support? With this attitude and perspective, to come back home the moment she finds her life slipping out of her control, will she be able to survive the world?

Do we really need strength to persist in this world? 

What we really need is, an inspiration. Strength, support, love, care, affection will be a default existence in our life. When all seems down and life is on a downhill, inspiration will keep us all going. Because, strength is temporary, inspiration is eternal.

Let nature be your inspiration.

Look at the stars that shine even in the darkest hours of the day. Look at the birds who protect their eggs so well during rains. Look at the trees getting affected by changing seasons. Look at how a kangaroo carries a baby in her little pocket. Look, learn and get inspired. Look at how the fireflies glow and spread light.Words do nothing when you have something eternal to inspire you. Look at these beauties of nature and feel alive, get inspired.

Be your own inspiration.

Stand in front of the mirror, look at yourself. Look at your tired eyes that ache with betrayal and depression. Look at the eyes that have let you down. Look at the eyes that want to shut and give up. Look at the eyes that are no longer able to meet with ones who gave you their blessings. Look at the eyes that are the reason your mother is happy. Look at them. Now, remember why you started in the first place. Remember the day you left home and your parents said, ‘God bless you’. Remember the day your grandmother said, ‘Seeing you become independent is my only wish. Do your best. I’m always with you’. Remember the day your father said, ‘You make me proud’. Look at your eyes again. What happened to you? Are you so weak that the world has let you and your dreams so down? Are you so incapable that you can’t still make your parents have their head up? Are you so lost that you can’t remember why in the first place you stand where you do? No. Never. You’re strong. Strong enough to fight. Strong enough to never give up. Be your own inspiration. The world will never be your inspiration, never. The world is there to let you down. You should be there for yourself to hold your head high. Don’t find strength in what people say. Find an inspiration. Find yourself. Find the inspiration in yourself that will help you stand up everytime you fall. 

Find an inspiration, struggle, work hard, never give up, and more than anyone else, make yourself proud

Are you your own inspiration yet?


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