A different country, a different world.

The biggest change, from a drop in the pond to a drop in the ocean.

I wonder how different can places in the same Atlas be.

From living with a twelve membered family to living with three foreign apartmates,

From sleeping twelve hours a day to sleeping five hours a day,

From having friends who can tear the world apart for you to having so called “friends” who care zilch,

Fromย one world to another, the journey of life.

And who’s your strength? No one other than you.

Who’s your support? No one other than you.

Who’s your savior? No one other than you.

Who’s your emotional rescue? No one other than you

The journey that teaches more than one lesson everyday.

Here, you aren’t taught lessons like in a Chemistry class,

Here, you make more than one mistake daily and pledge to never repeat it.

That’s how you learn in the realย world.

Because there is no better teacher than you, yourself.

It’s just a processing stage with chaos and confusion, the result would be more than just admirable.

Life Is After All Beautiful.


10 thoughts on “Teachers.”

  1. I remember telling this to you earlier , I shall repeat it. I love how you end your posts with the sentence : life is after all beautiful . It gives so much hope . All the best to you . I hope you have a great time at Texas university . Stay strong and keep writing !:)

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