The Curtained View.

Time and again, life tries us all. Failures, illnesses, mishaps seem to be twirling over our heads, when it’s so difficult to sort people, places and matters.

Every morning you wake up with a list of tasks pending in your head, determined to complete each by the end of the day. Sorting life becomes important when all that is there in front of you is an unsophisticated stack of messed up dues. So you decide to sort the pile, sequence in an orderly manner and start your day. How often do you succeed? For many of us, how often do we abandon the sorting midway? How important is it to sort?

At the end of the day, you come back home, clean up your bed to sleep, and you still have a list of unfinished tasks.

I remember being told, “The world is a jungle”, “It’s a rat race outside, the school keeps you sheltered in a cocoon”, “You’ll know the real world only when you step out of your home”.

I’ve stepped out now, and am learning about people and their selfish-mindedness. In the real world, textbooks teach nothing, you learn from your mistakes. The room for “Correction” exists only in high school copies, not in this world.

Here, errors correct us, corrections don’t.

But how does it look like to the outside world?  That you’re having the time of your life? Why do people have such deceptive perceptions when everyone is going through some form of struggle?

Not that your life is gloomy and all dull. It’s full of adventures and excitement. Everyday offers a new challenge, you win at some, you fail at some and learn from them. Learning never stops. Many of my teachers have told me, never stop studying, never stop learning. But after seeing and perceiving the world I’m in, I’ve realised, there’s no dead end for learning. Your period of ‘study’ stops the moment you graduate from high school. 

Here, studying isn’t a big deal. Living and surviving is. That’s the real challenge, can you learn and correct yourself at the same time?

Nevertheless, what people see is the curtained view, only the light enters their eyes, not the darkness.




9 thoughts on “The Curtained View.”

  1. Being in the phase of meeting new people and unmeeting old ones, getting to see how self centered the world can be, all I’m trying to figure out it why do some people love college more than school? How can something be dearer than home (read: school) It is a mystery that I’ll probably never know the answer to.

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  2. Also, I recently met a teacher from school and I told him how I miss the homely environment, where we were all a family. The teachers, the students, everybody. And he told me “uss time toh hm sab enemies lagte the”. Makes me realise the truth in that quote “you only learn to value something once you’ve lost it”

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