Fun Or Forever Kind?

How long do you take to get along with a person?

Are you the kind who can get along with anyone and everyone?

Are you the kind who takes time to get along with someone, but once you’re comfortable, you’re yourself?

Which kind is better?

I admire people who are the first kind. It’s so easy for them to talk to anyone. And in a world where making friends and having contacts is what you need the most, life is so much simpler for them. For them, life is more like hanging out with the new set of people everyday, rather than having some constants. It’s such an exotic experience to meet a new bunch of people daily. You get to learn and perceive the word better. And the most important trait you develop within yourself is that you stop judging people around you. You start accepting the very fact that everyone is an individual soul with different set of values and unique personalities. They are the fun kind of people. They prefer fun to being deep.

I admire the forever kind of people. They are the people who are uncomfortable the first time they meet new people. They talk, interact but knowing what they are speaking out and to whom are they speaking out. They aren’t the one who’ll go to a party with new friends the very day they meet them. They are the kind who would prefer to have a talk twice or thrice before taking the step towards deeper friendship. They trust their judgment more than their speech. They are the ones least likely to make the ‘bad’ set of friends.

Which kind of a person/friend is better?

The fun kind or the forever kind?

Which is better, to have people to hang out with all the time, or do you need people whom you could pour you heart out to too?

Which one are you?


10 thoughts on “Fun Or Forever Kind?”

  1. I’m the second kind, the forever kind. And as much as I love being that kind, I also admire the others. They get to talk to new people easily and gel along but again, what’s more important is to have people who genuinely love you and you can count on instead of people you can only party with.
    I like people who can be my Sunday morning rather than a Saturday night. 😊

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  2. Nothing is better, none is better than other. Sometimes you wish to have fun, sometimes meaning. They are both equally important. I am both, at times fun and other times I look for deep friendships. I won’t say forever though, nothing last forever.

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