Writing. Writing a blog. What does writing a blog do to you?

11 P.M. as the clock displays, I have two math assignments due tomorrow midnight, three engineering essays and an assignment due for tomorrow’s 10 A.M. class, two 4000 word scholarship essays due in a month’s time, and here I am writing on WordPress. Sudden gushes of rambling, the need to talk to someone, the need to cry in front of someone, the need to hug someone, this is what it makes me do. A cup of coffee, and WordPress. WordPress, the ultimate savior.

Why, don’t you have friends? Call them, talk to them.

How long do I talk to them? How long do I expect them to talk to me? An hour? Two hours?

Life is like a wave, crashes on the shore one moment, recedes the other, preventing another crash. Too late to prevent, and it crashes again.

Syncing with yourself becomes so important. To sync with what you feel, with what you want. Syncing will not prevent the crashes, it will make the crashing and receding seem as a ‘rhythm’. And rhythm, adds flavor to life.

As she sits on the shore, she saw a little yellow spark in the cloudy sky. The very next moment, she observes another spark, and then she finds bright sparks of yellow clouding the clouds. A million dollar smile indeed, her face seemed even more lit that the sky in that one moment. Everything apart, yet everything seemed so much in place. She wanted to reach out to the rays and catch them all. She wanted to bathe in the rays and have it all over her. She wanted the moment to pause, lest the brightness would dim.

Isn’t this how we behave when life is perfect? When you have all that is yours, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, and that one friend. Isn’t family all that we’ve got?

The rule of perfection is imperfection. Why are we after a perfect life, when imperfection makes us perfect? What does perfect mean to you?

I don’t admire perfection. I don’t admire the fact that you sit back-straight in a conference room, full of international delegates. I don’t admire the fact that you keep your room clean and that you have no clothes on your bed. I don’t admire the fact that you have perfect eyebrows. I don’t admire the fact that you do not drink coffee. No, I don’t.

I admire the fight you fought to learn how to sit back-straight in a conference room. I admire the effort you put in keeping your study table clean and the rest of the room dirty. I admire that your eyebrows aren’t properly shaped because you had no time to go to the parlor. I admire that you drank coffee, even though it is bad for health, only to give a company to your mom.

Weird? No, reality.

It’s okay to cry when your roommate insulted you because she didn’t understand your accent. It’s okay to give a fake laugh when you don’t understand a joke while all your friends did. It’s okay to call your friend and ramble about life. It’s okay to want to go back home. It’s all okay. This makes you what you are. And you, are perfect.

Define perfect, don’t let perfection define you.

Brand yourself, don’t let others brand you.

Because, with every action you take, every decision you make, from choosing which career to pursue in life, to choosing whether to apply kajal or eyeliner , you build yourself, and with that, you brand yourself.

Align your goals and actions, rest will fall into place.

Because, Life Is After All Beautiful.





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