An ounce of love away from home is more like an ocean. It’s difficult for a new born feeling of love to sink to the bottom, into the heart. But when it does, it makes sure it has an ocean above it.

S0ha: I’m dying out of pain. I can’t come to the party, you enjoy!

Ash: Yeah, I will. Take care, take some medicine if it pains a lot.

Soha (with tears in eyes) : You remind me of mom, and how she used to sit beside me until I fell asleep when I used to fall sick. I don’t remember the last time someone asked me to take medicine when in pain.

Ash: Go and sleep, sleep well dear. :*

When everyone you love and everyone who love you aren’t physically close to you, even the smallest gestures of care remind you of home,  your mom, and your sister.

The flower that never received sunlight will never care.  But the flower that stopped receiving sunlight will wait for it to arrive, in any form. How many times have you waited for your sister to come back to you even though you shouted at her, you being at fault? How many times did you hold on before deciding that your bestfriend is not yours anymore? How many times in a day does your mother wish that you would be closer to her? How many times does your brother call out your name anticipating you’ll come back?

Innumerable times. Countless times.

They live in a world full of love and affection, where they see nothing beyond care. You live in a world where you’re learning to not make your family your weakness, but strength. Where, when you look at your dad, your eyes are not filled with tears of longing to go back home, but with a smile proving that the distance is worth it.

And then, when a random person reminds you of your mom, and how she used to care, you want to go back. You want to go back to your room, sleep on your pillow under your rug and share the bed with your sister.

The world has a weird way to function. I long to go back home, yet I wish to stay away from home to grow. Even though we keep complaining, the world grants us everything, literally everything. Everything we require to survive on this planet. We aren’t perfect, but the world is. It has the precise concentrations of happiness, sadness, anger and fear in it. Yet it fails to woo us all. It fails to woo all those souls that fail to look beyond falacies. It’s us who make one look more exaggerated than the other. We tend to focus on what we lack, rather than focusing on what we have. We focus on the negatives, more than the positives. You would rather say you suck at sports than saying you love to write.

It’s sometimes good to go with the flow, do whatever you feel like, if that makes you feel better.  Call up a friend, talk to your mom, cook some food, go out and sit on a bench, put on earphones, and just listen.

Listen to what you want to say, listen to what you wanted to say, and listen to what you said.

Let that all be on your mind for once, and think. Think it out, if not spit it out. Sometimes, the pathway is just two steps away from the thought, the only hindrance is the pondering. Sometimes thoughts are more appealing than words. Perhaps, words are more appealing than people.

Give it a thought. It’s a challenge. Can you be happy with what you have, or cry at what you don’t?






12 thoughts on “Listen.”

  1. Loved your every words here. It really stirred the emotions inside. ” The flowers that stopped receiving sunlight will wait for that to arrive ” such a beautiful sentence. And I think i would go with being happy with what we have. Thanks for the post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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