The clouds floated in the sky in perfect shape,

Every corner seemed to have a flawless finish.

The birds chirped with the sweetest voices,

Every chick seemed to have the happiest day of her life.

The green bushes were all in line with the wide road,

Every bush seemed more invigorating than ever before.

Why is it always a good hair day when you’re happy?

Why is it that you look the prettiest when you’re happy?

Why is the ending always happy, when you’re happy?

Faith, how much faith should you have in your abilities to make you proud of yourself?

Love, how much should you love yourself to make every moment in your life count?

How can you make every moment in your life count?

Of the days you’re low on life, and of the days you’re high on yourself?

Should you regret the days you’re low on life, because you weren’t able to make through it happily?

Or should you hinge on the days you’re high on yourself, to have made your life worth it?

Perhaps, happiness is all a myth. Perhaps, happiness is just surviving through every day.

Perhaps, happiness depends on the number of people you have in your life. Perhaps, you don’t need people in you life to be happy.

Which one do you agree with? Perhaps, none?

Why is your life worth it?

If I ask you note down five reasons why you would like to die, and five reasons why you would like to live your life to your fullest, which one would you be able to list quicker? Which one would you be willing to note down, and which one would you be not willing to even engage your mind in? Again, why is your life worth it?

Are you, where you are because you wanted to be, or because someone close to you wanted you to be there?

Are you on the dating app for a boyfriend because you need a soul to confide in, or because everyone else has a boyfriend, and you ‘want’ one too?

Are you happy because you graduated from the university of your dreams, or because you’re excited to start a new phase in life?

Are you wearing a 6-inch stiletto because you want to learn to carry those, or because your mom gifted them to you? Which is a stronger reason for you to wear those?

Are you a step closer to what you wanted to become, or are you still at the same place you were, last week?

What makes you happy? A cup of tea, or the smell of books?

What makes you sad? Your mom’s sadness or your brother’s cry?

What makes you proud? A speech in public, or a 4.0 in college?

Where are you heading, uphill or downhill?

Life’s never perfectly uphill by definition. No, never. It’s more about perspective, than mere definition.

How can you say you’re on the uphill when you’re having the best time of your life, but your sister is sick on bed?

How can you say you’re on the uphill when you have the best eighteenth birthday with your friends, but no one to listen to you cry at midnight?

How can you say you’re on the uphill when you’re eating a pizza, but you dad is on a diet?

What is uphill for you?  If all that I said is true, can you ever be on the uphill in your life? Can you ever be happy if you think so much before declaring yourself happy? Can you ever win over people if all you do is worry about making the right choice?

Happiness is not a state, it’s a complex function of uphills and downhills, incomplete without either. Decipherable for those who choose to work with it. A mystery for those who seem to not risk fathoming it.

Life is not about being happy, happiness is about living life.

I’m not on the downhill because I failed to prove my love for you. I’m on the uphill, because I’ve learnt that some feelings don’t need a mathematical deduction and the ‘Hence, proved’ statement following it. I believe in science, but not blindly. I believe in you, but not blindly. That’s my uphill, when I choose to believe myself first, and then others. And, I choose to always stay there and m0ve farther up, to see where reality takes me. I wish you’ve learnt the same too.


Life Is After All Beautiful.





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