I Waited.

I stood there in the middle of the night, looking at the cars pass by.

The watch on my hand read 3 A.M., I wished it was 3 P.M. so that I could change whatever happened afterwards.

Motionless, I felt. Emotionless, I was. Tears tried to force their way out, but the strong woman in me didn’t let them out. I wanted to cry, I wanted to crib, but somehow, I couldn’t.

A slight wind blowing, even in the month of June, perhaps signifying the dynamics of life. I felt a whisper that asked me to move on, that asked me to forget, that asked me to sleep because I had to leave for work four hours from then. Alas! I wish I wasn’t so vulnerable.

I saw a car speed up in the middle of the road. If life is so fast, why do we want to move slow? Why can’t the heart be as fast as the mind? Why can’t the heart be in pace with the mind? 

Wait, but I guess I see you, I see you running towards me, across the empty road. I see you run in haste as if you were losing something, as if you were losing me. I see your face drenched in salt water, perhaps tears.

I see you run towards me, and finally embrace me. And now, I see nothing but darkness with my eyes shut, and feel everything. I feel the wind, I feel the love, I feel your heartbeat, and I feel you. I feel you. 

I feel you.

I felt a trickle down my cheek. A strong, yet vulnerable woman?

I open my eyes. I repeat, I open my eyes. All I see is darkness, nothing else. I wipe my cheeks with my palm, but they didn’t feel wet. I touch my waist to find an arm, but didn’t feel the presence of one.

I stood there in the dark, aimless. I stood there to feel the wind and learn a lesson from it. 

I stood there staring at the road, waiting for myself to realize the true picture in life. I stood there to move on. I stood there, waiting to learn. Or was I just waiting, waiting for you?


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