All of us have a set of rules to follow in life.
They may not be ones that are penned down, but they exist, in some corner of our mind.
We have rules to follow when we wake up in the morning like brushing, bathing and eating.
We have rules to follow when we go to school like school dress and your house badge.
We have rules to follow when we are in a social party like sit like a girl, greet people sweetly.
We have rules to follow when we talk to our bestfriends like not hurting them, or say something that depresses them.
Every, every field of life has certain limitations for us and if it doesn’t,  we set rules for ourselves.
Then why do we find it so difficult to abide by the rules we set for ourselves.
Perhaps, we set certain rules in the flow of emotions.
Perhaps, we set impractical rules when we’re out of our mind.
During the day, you’re like, “Oh, I’m over it. The past doesn’t affect me now.”
And you set a limit for yourself, saying.
No more looking back.
The very night, you’re like, “How I wish things were different.”
Why is it that rules are tentative to change with time.
My friend told me today, “I’m done with those silly people, I can’t take more of insults. I’m gonna part with them once school ends.”
The very next day, on her birthday, she is depressed for not having her friends at home.
Why, weren’t you done with them?
Weren’t you going to forget them?
Weren’t you happy they are no more a part of your life?
People, life, situations, emotions.
They have no guarantee.
Everything and everyone is whimsical.
The person who calls you “The best” today, might end up calling you “Selfish ” the very next day.
Words and emotions, they don’t come with any 2-year warranty card.
The limits you define today, might be changed by you tomorrow.
Nothing is timeless.
Not even time.
It takes it turn and brings the best for you, always.
It’s not the people who change you for better or worse, it’s time that plays it’s games on people.
We’re mere preys to time.
But one thing’s for sure,
The only thing you can trust in this world is time.
It’s always got something better in store, Always.
You might not see it today, but months later, you’ll realise ‘it happened for my own good’.
Goodness, isn’t an attribute of good people.
Just that.
Good times reveal the goodness in people.
It’s all about time, never about people.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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