Today, let’s take a look at ourselves and what we’re doing with our lives.
We distance ourselves from people because we fear parting in the future.
We value people who loved us once upon a time, maybe love us even now but don’t express. We value them, enough to not value the ones loving us at present.
We are stuck with our past and unable to move on and accept that it’s over.
That times change and we have to change with time.
The change that’s as bitter as a gourd now, but will be as sweet as honey tomorrow.
We focus on negatives, and feel sad for not being reciprocated to.
We break friendships, prioritize to the extent that hurts our friends so much that it breaks hearts. Not a heart, but hearts.
But dear,
Here’s one life lesson for you.
As you grow up, you’ll come across different phases of life.
You’ll love someone today, another tomorrow.
Someone might love you forever.
You might love someone with all your heart today, and that person might break your heart to the extent that you will never be the same again.
I believe, after all that I’ve gone through,
Loving someone and valueing someone are two independent feelings.
You might love someone but take her for granted.
You might value someone so much that you have respect and love for her.
Respect should be the basis of any friendship or relationship.
If you value your friend, you’ll respect her enough to not hurt her.
But if you love your friend, you might just hold hands and behave like bestfriends. That in no way portrays that you’re friends forever.
But yes, if you care and love and respect, you’re forever.
‘Love those who love you, not the ones whom you love’
– The best line I’ve ever read or related to.
Let there be umpteen people whom you love at the end of the day, but show your love only to those who can tear the world apart for you. Never for the ones who pretend to not care,even if they do.
Love all, don’t value all.
[Though this is something really harsh. That’s the reality. ]
Value only those who value you.
Value others only to the extent they deserve.
Not everyone deserves your love and respect.
No, they don’t.
Not at all.

Life is after all Beautiful.


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